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Friday, July 18, 2008

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Joland Ovation and Derek Ross having fun in the sack race! Owned by Joland Morgans. Photo by Shoot.

Catriona Kozijn with Kerry Diva in a showmanship class for 9 and under at the Alberta Morgan Show. PHoto by Action Sports.

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Triton Morgan Horses

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Classic Bloodlines

Classic Bloodlines Sport Morgan Classic Families and Bloodlines OLD GOVERNMENT Most Morgans alive today, and most of the horses bred for sport purposes, include in their pedigrees horses from the Government farm. What was the Government farm, why was it created, and why should anyone breeding and using Morgans in the mid-1990's even care about such ancient history? In 1905, the U..S. Department of Agriculture established a Morgan breeding program at the experiment station in Burlington, Vermont. The purpose of this program was to produce horses with true Morgan type, while increasing size and yet retaining the traditional Morgan virtues: strength, athletic ability, endurance, versatility, temperament and economy. Two years later, Col. Joseph Battell (first editor of the American Morgan Horse Register), donated his family farm at Weybridge near Middlebury, Vermont. The breeding stock from the experiment farm station was relocated, and the United States Morgan Horse Farm was officially established. The foundation stallion for the Government farm was General Gates, foaled in 1894. General Gates was a full brother of Lord Clinton (the fastest trotting Morgan of his day). He remained as the primary Government stud until 1920, siring three famous stallions: Red Oak 5249 and Linsley 7233 (both of whom figure prominently in "western working" Morgan pedigrees), and Bennington 5693, who took his place as the primary stallion at the farm in 1925. Bennington was initially used as a sire of cavalry mounts, but went on to sire many of the most famous of the Government Morgans.. Bred to Artemisia, a chestnut mare of old Vermont breeding, this "golden cross" produced a succession of top quality offspring that included Mansfield, Canfield, Ulysses, and Querido. These horses in turn created their own lines of champions in various fields and extended the influence of the Government Morgan throughout the breed. The Government Farm also instituted a testing process to ensure that only the best stock was used for breeding. This included 300-mile endurance rides, jumping, timed races, etc. The horses that were successful in the testing passed on their good conformation and fluid gaits as well as their stamina, versatility and good disposition. The long line of champions in the ring, on the trail and field, and in harness bear witness to the success of this program. Despite the farm's success, the government discontinued funding the U.S. Morgan Horse Farm in 1950. The University of Vermont took part of the herd and continued breeding. The remaining stock was dispersed among four universities and the general public. A number of Morgan horse breeders have based their breeding programs on the government lines and the influence of the U.S. Morgan Horse Farm is felt through out the breed to this day. In addition to the horses mentioned above, some of the best known names in the government breeding program are: Stallions: Sonfield, Mentor, Tutor, Trophy, Panfield, Fleetwing, Troubadour of Willowmoor Mares: Quietude, Redfern, Sheba, Naiad, Norma, Symphony, Romance, Jasmine, Phillipa, Fairytop, Quaker Lady.. Jean Martin Atavista Morgans LIPPITT Of the four family lines, the Lippitt strain has the fewest numbers, though probably the most devoted fanciers. The Lippitt Morgan is a unique horse. It is a member of a group of morgans who trace back to the original "Figure," Justin Morgan's stallion, on a maximum number of lines with a minimum of known out crosses to other breeds of horses; no crosses at all to the Saddlebred. Other strains of horses appear of course, when pedigrees are traced back far enough, as is inevitable in the case of a breed descending from a single stallion. The name "Lippitt" is borrowed from the breeding prefix of Robert Lippitt Knight, a prominent Rhode Island figure, who established and operated the Green Mounntain Stock Farm in Randolf, Vermont from 1927 to 1962. With the purchase of the stallions Ashbrook and Moro and the mares Adeline Bundy, Nekomia, Croydon Mary and Green Mountain Twilight from the estate of A. Fullerton Phillips, he reestablished a strain already well known in northern Vermont. Carrying the blood of Ethan Allen 2nd and the famous old Peters Morgan, they were of a type best described as that of old Green Mountain Morgan 42 and his famous old sire Gifford Morgan 30. Small, shorter body and up-headed with a trappy gait, they were strong harness horses ideally suited to their mountain location. Tracing as they did in numerous lines back to Billy Root, Royal Morgan and the Hubbard Horse, they are often referred to as high percentage Morgans, carrying numerous crosses back to the original blood. Robert Lippitt Knight chose almost exclusively from the "Old Vermont" stock, though a few times he did outcross to Government and other lines to produce horses such as Lippitt Mandate, by the government stallion Mansfield. The foundation stock of the Lippitt Club includes: Stallions: Croydon Prince, Rob Roy, Donald, Bob B., Welcome, Sir Ethan Allen, Sealect, Bilirubin. Mares: Bonnie Jean, Polly Rogers, Lucille, Rose of Sutton, Bridget, Emily, Evelyn, Hippolyta, Trilby, Nancy, Susie, Lippitt Trixie, Croydon Mary, Jenny Woodbury, Lippitt Sallie, Lucinne, Hannah. Nancy Cowne Trailside Morgans BRUNK One of the most prominent families in modern Morgans is that bred for many years by the Brunk family in and around Springfield, Illinois, established in 1893 with Joseph Brunk. The family's horses were known for their high action, sound, correct legs and feet and all around athletic ability. They were often line-bred and usually high quality, showy individuals. Their influence is felt strongly in the ranch breeding of the west known as the Western Working family. The original group of Morgan horses purchased by the late Joseph C.. Brunnk before the turn of the century were bred similarly to the old Lippitt founndation mares. These were old Daisy and Lucy, both by Billy Bodette, one of the best bred stallions of his day, carrying as he did lines back to Billy Root, Royal Morgan and the Hubbard horse. On mares of this type and breeding, Brunk first used the fine stallion Morgan Rupert by Ethan Allen 3rd. The Lucy-Rupert cross produced the stallion Senator, sire in turn of the great mare Senata, whose dam was old Daisy. Later the stronger trotting lines of Daniel Lambert were added to increase both action and size. Senata, with close to 100 lines back to Justin Morgan, remains the foundation stone of the Brunk line.. A grand champion mare in her own right, her name is found with great frequency behind the best horses from this strain. Known for outstanding temperament, splendid action and great elegance, Brunk Morgans are probably best known by the great stallions Jubilee King (Penrod X Daisette) and Flyhawk (Go Hawk X Florette). Jubilee King was a big golden chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. He was rich in the blood of Daniel Lambert and is remembered for his superb style and his highly carried tail. His naturally high carried head was topped with tiny ears and gentle eyes. These characteristics as well as his springy step and big, wide-open trot are found in his descendants through many generations. Flyhawk was well known as one of the greatest sires of the Morgan breed -- he sired many great Morgans and his influence is still seen in many breeding programs who seek his big, ground-covering trot, dense bone, toughness and athleticism. The cross between Flyhawk and Senator Graham is considered by some breeders to be the golden cross in Morgan breeding. Some well known individuals produced by this line: Stallions: Senator Knox, Flyhawk, Jubilee King, Senator Graham, Red Vermont, Juzan, Agazziz, Congo, Stetson, Mr. Breezy Cobra, Flying Jubilee, Beamington, Allen Franklin. Mares: Daisy Knox, Bens Daisy, Florette, Senata, Sentola, Jubilee Joy, Sentana, Neliza, Paragraph, Liza Jane, Juvina, Daisette. Prefixes of breeding programs based on the Brunk line: Irish, Funquest, Highview, Reeds, Caduceus. Nancy Cowne Trailside Morgans WESTERN WORKING FAMILY The Western Working Family was developed over a long period of time (1880s to 1950s) by several ranchers and breeders in different Western states. With the rapid expansion of the cattle ranching empire in the mid 1800s, there developed a need for a tough, agile, sensible cow horse to work the ranches that often encompassed thousand of acres of rugged, open range.. The Western Working Morgan was developed from a combination of old Vermont, Government, Brunk and old Midwest bloodlines. (The Midwest bloodlines traced back mainly to Black Hawk, with some Thoroughbred influence through Diomed, Messenger and Eclipse.) The result was a family of Morgans noted for good feet and legs, deep bodies, strong hindquarters, fast, ground-covering walk and trot, stamina, and an intelligent, sensible, willing temperament with lots of "heart" and cow savvy. Today, there are pure descendants of the early Western Working Morgans still being bred for ranch use as well as competitions and pleasure. Following are some of the many founding breeding programs of this family of classic Morgans: Sellman Ranch (1880s - 1925) The cornerstone of the Western Working family to which all other programs trace, Richard Sellman set out on his 40,000 acre Mountain Vale Ranch with a desire to preserve the pure, "old-time" Morgan. His foundation stock: Headlight Morgan (Ethan Allen 2nd X Lady Stratton) The Admiral (Jubilee de Jarnette X brown mare by Winnebago Chief) Red Oak (General Gates X Marguerite) Major Antoine (Meteor Jr.) Gold Medal (Meteor Jr.) Mares of Old Vermont breeding Horseshoe Cattle Co. (1922-1955) California Said to be the "Dean of Morgan breeders in the West," Roland Hill was the largest breeder of Morgans in the U.S. at one time. He registered 530 foals. His horse became foundation stock for many other breeding programs. Foundation stock: Mares from Sellman Ranch, Elmer Brown Brunk. Stallions: Redwood Morgan Sellman Pongee Morgan (by Allen King) Brunk Querido (Bennington X Artemisia) U.S. Government Winchester (Mansfield X Narissa) U.S. Government El Cortez Elmer Brown Sonfield (Mansfield X Quietude) U.S. Government Sparbeau (Linsley) Elmer Brown Piedmont Land and Cattle Co. (California)> William Randolph Hearts registered 100 foals in the course of his breeding program. His most noted and prolific sire was Montcrest Sellman (Joe Bailey by Headlight Morgan X Kitty E. by The Admiral) bred by Reginald Parsons. Offspring included Redman (Sire of Blackman) Montabell Georgette, broodmare for Siskiyou Morgans, Cloverman, Kenelin Morgan, Piedmont Cresta, Piedmont Rosemarie.. Other stallions he used: Uhlan (Bennington X Poinsetta) and Hacienda Chief. His broodmares typically came from Roland Hill's program. Elmer Brown (1911 - 1939) Kansas Another important breeder whose stock, along with Sellman's is behind almost all other Western Working Morgans.. Stallions: Romanesque (by Red Oak) Sellman Linsley (General Gates X Sunflower Maid by Headlight Morgan) U.S. Government Tehachapi Allen (Querido X Tab) Rooland Hill Agazizz (Juzan X Liza Jane) Broodmares by Headlight Morgan, Sparhawk, Dude Hudson and Donald. E.W. Roberts (1940 - 1956) California The second largest breeder of Morgans at the time after Roland Hill, E.W. Roberts registered 240 foals. His founndation sire was Monterey by Mansfield (U.S. Government). He also owned Blackman (Redman X Gojia), a very influential sire in both the Western and Eastern U.S. Some of his daughters were purchased and used by Ted Davis of Wincrest Farm in Vermont and left many descendants with show and breeding records in the East. Roberts' broodmares came from Hearst, Brown, Charles Ayer of Colorado and Roland Hill. He used Blackman's sire, Redman, for two seasons as well. > Jackson Ranch (1920s to present) Montana (Mortana Morgans) Foundation sire: Delbert (Revere X Alibirdi) bred at the U.S. Range Livestock Experiment Station in Montana, he sired 91 offspring for the Jacksons, including Cherye out of Chiritta, dam of Speedfield (by Fleetfield). Speedfield went on to sire 68 foals for Drumlin Morgans, Alberta, Canada. Fleetfield, the Jackson's other principal sire, was by Mentor. Jackson Ranch foundation broodmares included the bloodlines of Senator Graham, Jubilee King, Cornwallis and Lippitt. L.U. Sheep and Cattle Co. (1927-1965) Wyoming. The L.U. Sheep Ranch, encompassing more than 150,000 acres, was established by David Dickie. David's brother, Bob, head horsemen of the ranch, worked in collaboration with Helen Brunk Greenwalt over a period of 40 years to build a careful program of linebreeding that produced more than 550 registered Morgans, some of the finest working ranch and show stock of their day... The L.U.. horses were known for their amazing uniformity, quality and versatility, reliable dispositions, easy gaits, stamina, agility and soundness. They also possessed great beauty, refinement and lofty carriage.. The stock was performance tested at the ranch and the diamonds were selected out by Mrs. Greenwalt to prove themselves in the showring. Bloodlines used were a combination of Brunk and Government. Stallions: Flyhawk: (Go Hawk X Florette) from J.C. Brunk, crossed on mares of Jubilee King/Lambert breeding and daughters of Linspar. Linspar (Linsley X Sparbelle) from Elmer Brown, crossed on Flyhawk daughters. Highview King (King de Jarnette X Sentola) --daughters crossed with Flyhawk Get include Winda, granddam of Waseeka's Nocture, Midnite, dam of Domino Joe, Varga Girl, Fleurette, Rimrock, Yellowstone, Vagabond King. Plains King (Romanesque X Ella Linsley) Senator Graham (Senator Knox X Fanita) from J.C. Brunk. Sire of Shine On (X Miss Holliday), Jenny Lake (X Monty) Starfire (X Wanda), Ailsa (X Sox) dam of Gayla (by Townshend Gaymeade, dam of Fleur de Lis.. Townshend Gaymeade (Meade X Gayselba by Gay Mac) from Wert's in Nebraska, bred by Lyman Orcutt. Sire of Gaylsa. Stetson (Flyhawk X Sentola) bred by Helen Greenwalt. Last of direct Brunnk lines to influence L.U. Ranch. Sired over 100 foals, including Nita of Dickie, (broodmare for Paramount Farm), Bonita Graham (Greentree Ranch), Domino Joe, Flight Commander. Flying Jubilee (Flyhawk X Juvina) The Cross Ranch (1930s to 1960s) Wyoming Started by George Cross, later taken over by his son, the ranch encompassed 29,000 acres in its prime. The Morgans bred there were sold over the West as working and breeding stock -- their bloodlines were sought in the East as well. The Cross Morgans were known for old fashioned type, strong feet and legs, strength, intelligence and longevity. Foundation stock: Glider (Jubilee King X Gizea) Chestnut stallion, flaxen maine.. Daughters of Imperial (Admiral George Dewey X Duchess), who traced back to the buckskin Wheeler Horse 41, a Justin Morgan grandson, and the main source of gold color in Morgan pedigrees. The Glider and Imperial cross produced 15 registered offspring, of which 14 were fillies.. These included Gee Gee and Yellow Girl, who lived to be 33 and produced 17 foals. Warhawk (Flyhawk X Sentola) bred by Helen Brunk Greenwalt. Renowned for his talent as a cow horse, his remarkable disposition, endurance and longevity, he passed these characteristics on to his foals.. Warhawk produced 100 foals for Cross and subsequent owners.. Present day prefixes and breeding programs based on the Western Working family: Montana, Primavera, Teton, Mary-Mill, Siskiyou, Circle H (Hunewill) Ranch, Windswept, Shawalla, Ida-Ho, Funquest, Triangle A Ranch, Waer, Treasure, Caduceus, Triple S., Beckridge, Skagit, Wyoming, River Oak Ranch, Sancrest, Tomeri, Drumlin. Cindy Barlow Magic Flute Morgans [ Home | Who We Are | Member Farms | Sales | Stallions | Classic Families | Guestbook | Site Awards ] Copyright © 1999-2000 Sport Morgan Breeders Ltd.

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Select Breeders Services Equine Reproduction Services: Equine Embryo and Semen Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution

Select Breeders Services Equine Reproduction Services: Equine Embryo and Semen Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution Print complete article (PDF) Going Global - Frozen Semen aids in Global Marketing The United States has long been the source for the best harness racing genetics and freezing semen from Standardbred stallions for export to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand is a thriving industry. SBS first exported Standardbred frozen semen in 1991 when semen from the stallion Harmonious, standing at Perretti Farm in NJ was frozen and exported to Europe. Select Breeders Service in Maryland alone annually exports over 2,000 doses of frozen standardbred semen to Italy, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. Because of the availability of frozen semen, breeders have the opportunity to breed to the world's leading sires regardless of where they are located.Muscles Yankee - photo courtesy of USTA Owners of the industry's most prominent stallions turn to SBS to preserve the genetics of their horses. For the past several years, the majority of the top placing horses at the Hambletonian, the oldest harness race in the US, have gone on to have their semen frozen and exported by SBS. The first and second placing horses for the 2005 race were sired by the same stallion, SJ's Photo. At the 2006 race, SBS client stallions Yankee Glide, Credit Winner and Muscles Yankee sired the top six finishing horses. SJ's Photo and Muscles Yankee are also among the leading money winning sires in the history of harness racing. We are proud that most of the leading standardbred farms in the US are SBS freezing clients. Frozen Semen aids in globalization of genetic pool. The standardbred industry can serve as an excellent model for other breeds because of the globalization of the genetic pool. Stallion syndication agreements also reflect the international flavor of the business. Heretofore, syndicate members from Europe, Australia or New Zealand had to have their brood mares in the US if they wanted to use their breeding shares. With the ease of shipping frozen semen abroad, they can take their shares in frozen semen and breed mares in their home countries. Horses now racing in Sweden or Italy most probably have similar pedigrees to those racing in New Jersey or Ohio. For example, SBS began freezing and exporting SJ's Photo's semen to distributors in Europe in 1995. Today there are hundreds of this stallion's offspring throughout Europe. Continued...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

horse supplies - Google Catalogs

horse supplies - Google Catalogs

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Pet Solutions Spring 2006 - 52 pages Sea Horse Pumps (Fig. A) KHP 2280 gph max flow, 115 V, 3.56 Amps, 12' max height ... Supplies Including tubing, adaptors, valves...pages 12 & 13. WWW. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Wow-Bow 2002 - Page 1 of 54 The Leader In Pets Supplies Marketing For 48 Years *». ... of "high end" vegetarian dog, cat and horse treats that are now sold nationwide and in Europe. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

National Parts Depot- Mustang 2003 - Page 27 of 182 TOTE BAG (great for cleaning supplies or tools) 65-73 ... Horse logo, zippered TA-3P TOP BOOTBAG 65-73 Plaid TA-4P JUMPER CABLES, Compact These compact ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Sonlight Curriculum March-April 2002-2003 - Page 118 of 124 ... .18 .39 .18 .21 .82 .39 H Handwriting Paper 75 Handwriting Supplies rat K »KL16. ... 104 Horse and His Boy. The «5A11.... 32 Horse of a Different Color ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Country Store- Farm and Ranch 2003 - 16 pages A SHIRT with a one-horse open sleigh! Nostalgic allover print is on white ... (Supplies are limited. We reserve the right to substitute gifts of equal or ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Nanric Inc Page 14 of 24 X-Ray Equipment and Supplies Lateral & DP Positioning Blocks These ... Note: If the horse toes in or toes out, set your block accordingly to get an optimal ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Jeffers Pet Catalog Summer September 2001 - Page 47 of 98 Safely & effectively repels horse flies, mosquitoes, yellow flies, fleas, ... Dogs & Puppies Citrus Flea Dip While Supplies Last Contains 78.2% d-Limonene, ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Highland Hardware- Tools for Woodworking Summer 2002 - Page 111 of 116 ... hands are the supplies needed for fun and effective carving, Wolfe style. ... Horse Carving $12.95 201642 Tom Wolfe Goes to the Dogs $12.95 POWER TOOLS ... [ More results from this catalog ]

All Pets Holiday 2002 - Page 64 of 79 ... toy is squeezed realistic sounds are released Cows moo, Pigs oink, the Horse neighs and more! ... Manufacturer supplies assorted colors, color may vary. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Raynor's Historical Collectible Auction 2003 - 126 pages Stuart's horse was shot dead. Lost my gun by breaking it over a fellow's head. ... [three] of them who loitered gathering supplies fell into our hands. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Nanric Inc Page 14 of 24 X-Ray Equipment and Supplies Lateral & DP• Positioning Blocks These beautiful wooden blocks ... Note: If the horse toes iii or tot's out, set your h)lock ... [ More results from this catalog ]

J&P Cicles 2005 - Page 903 of 1002 Cleaning Supplies and Tools aean your ride quick and easy. ... Mini Duster $9.99 Work Horse Leather Cars Each pack contains 15 pre-moistened towels The ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Smart Business For The Economy- The Hiring Crisis July 2000 - Page 160 of 202 ... Personal Security Antivirus Software Firewall Office Supplies/ Furniture EDITOR'S ... Not even Norton can protect you from the buddylist Trojan horse. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Sunburst 2002 - Page 39 of 72 Just one small 125mg. tablet per day supplies the same levels of the healthful ... For Vericose Veins Contains Standardized Horse Chestnut Seed Extract 22% ... [ More results from this catalog ]

HERRSCHNERS Page 10 of 78 The powerful elegance of Horses is sure to thrill horse lovers, or choose from ... Mosaic Supplies Make mosaic magic Create your own designs or make charted ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Abilitations integrations Spring 2005 - Page 26 of 166 ... elephant, turtle, bear, lion, moose, horse, ! ... Diets This innovative storage tool is a practical way to organize supplies for sensory routines. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Duchess Fall 2003 - 124 pages ... overlap lid and lockable closure protects your ammunition and supplies. ... straps and heavy saddle leather straps for attaching to your horse or ATV. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Cromers 2002 - 122 pages Rosettes are the ideal ribbon for beauty pageants, contests, horse shows, etc. ... Equipment and Supplies Impulse Heat Sealer - Compact heat sealer seals ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Rohrer Seeds 2003 - Page 57 of 64 Horse Pasture Mixture • Excellent season long performance • Very high yielding ... Some varieties may need to be substituted if supplies are unavailable. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Rod's Western Palace- Sourcebook 2003 - Page 60 of 86 $9.95 Carefully contoured to horse spine. 1” thick, felt shell over neoprene ... loop with Velcro fastener, and have all your supplies at your fingertips! ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Nasco- Senior Activities 2003-2004 - 112 pages ... 20 Golf 3 Hockey 16 Horse Racing 6 Horseshoes 7 Lotto 21, 68, ... Kitchen & Cooking Supplies 90,91 L Lava Lamp 57 M MANIPULATIVES Activity Cards 72, ... [ More results from this catalog ]

VideoFlash Summer 2002 - Page 34 of 164 ... Vol.2 Keaton returned horse Irons sensing in Europe in World War I to learn with ... across the Himalayas br needed supplies, is Idled. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Amsterdam Printing- Sale Fall 2003 - Page 13 of 28 ... Offers Go “While Supplies L ... Horse ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Beval Saddlery- Trunks 2002 - 10 pages The tight closure keeps out dust and moisture. The Diamond trunk is roomy enough to pack all your show supplies. ... [ More results from this catalog ]

QC SUPPLY 264 pages ... 128 Groundcover 212 Office supplies 43 Gutter plugs 1 11 Outlets, ... Kit 209 Free stalls & repairs 92 Gamebird netting 211 Horse sprayer 94 Plumbing ... [ More results from this catalog ]

Vet Med Direct 108 pages ... 256 72 Mayo Dissecting Scissors 17 Medical Supplies 74-77 Medi+Pet First Aid ... Nutri-Drench (Cattle) 5 Nutri-Drench (Goat) 6 Nutri-Drench (Horse) 13 ... [ More results from this catalog ]

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