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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Select Breeders Services Equine Reproduction Services: Equine Embryo and Semen Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution

Select Breeders Services Equine Reproduction Services: Equine Embryo and Semen Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution Print complete article (PDF) Going Global - Frozen Semen aids in Global Marketing The United States has long been the source for the best harness racing genetics and freezing semen from Standardbred stallions for export to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand is a thriving industry. SBS first exported Standardbred frozen semen in 1991 when semen from the stallion Harmonious, standing at Perretti Farm in NJ was frozen and exported to Europe. Select Breeders Service in Maryland alone annually exports over 2,000 doses of frozen standardbred semen to Italy, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. Because of the availability of frozen semen, breeders have the opportunity to breed to the world's leading sires regardless of where they are located.Muscles Yankee - photo courtesy of USTA Owners of the industry's most prominent stallions turn to SBS to preserve the genetics of their horses. For the past several years, the majority of the top placing horses at the Hambletonian, the oldest harness race in the US, have gone on to have their semen frozen and exported by SBS. The first and second placing horses for the 2005 race were sired by the same stallion, SJ's Photo. At the 2006 race, SBS client stallions Yankee Glide, Credit Winner and Muscles Yankee sired the top six finishing horses. SJ's Photo and Muscles Yankee are also among the leading money winning sires in the history of harness racing. We are proud that most of the leading standardbred farms in the US are SBS freezing clients. Frozen Semen aids in globalization of genetic pool. The standardbred industry can serve as an excellent model for other breeds because of the globalization of the genetic pool. Stallion syndication agreements also reflect the international flavor of the business. Heretofore, syndicate members from Europe, Australia or New Zealand had to have their brood mares in the US if they wanted to use their breeding shares. With the ease of shipping frozen semen abroad, they can take their shares in frozen semen and breed mares in their home countries. Horses now racing in Sweden or Italy most probably have similar pedigrees to those racing in New Jersey or Ohio. For example, SBS began freezing and exporting SJ's Photo's semen to distributors in Europe in 1995. Today there are hundreds of this stallion's offspring throughout Europe. Continued...

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